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As immigration attorneys we are ready to support any of your business related plans, whether it is building your own business, investing to the United States or just working for U.S. company. Currently, our office supports in obtaining the following types of  visas: 

B1 - temporary business visa

H-1B - speciality occupation 

H-1B - fast track H-1B 

H-1C - professional nurses working in Health Professional Shortage Area

O-1 - person who has extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics

P-1 - person who performs as an athlete, that is internationally recognized, or a person who performs with or is an integral part of an entertainment group, that has been recognized internationally as outstanding. 

L - intracompany transferees

E-1/ E-2 - treaty traders and and treaty investors

EB-1 - persons with Extraordinary Abilities 

EB-2 - Members of Professions Holdings Advance Degrees or Aliens with Exceptional Abilities

EB-3 - Professionals, Skilled and Other Workers 

EB-4 - Special Immigrants 

EB-5 - Employments Creators (Investors)


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